Reiki Healing Awakening

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Reiki Session  $40

Each Reiki Session includes a full body scan, Chakra Clearing and tuning, Reiki on problem areas of the body, and emotional healing. 

Each Session lasts 45-60min

Full Body Scan  $20

The Reiki Master will scan your body for problem areas, and will give Reiki. 

Each Session Lasts 15-20min 

Chakra Clearing  $30

The Reiki Master will go over all 7 chakras of your body. Your Chakras will be tuned and cleared. 

Each Session Lasts 15-20min

Aroma Therapy Chakra Clearing  $45.00

Relaxing Chakra Balancing, using DoTerra Essential oils. 

Each Session Lasts 25-30min

Home Clearing  $80

Lincoln, Omaha and Surrounding Areas  

Reiki for your home. This is done both inside and outside of your home. The Reiki Master will pin point areas where you should not be sitting for long periods of time. House clearing is recommended when you buy or rent a new home, if you are expecting a new member at your home (be it a roommate, relative or a new baby) and when a member of your home leaves the home. 

Home Clearing is especially recommended if bad things seem to keep happening to people living in the home, or major life changes have happened - weddings, divorce or death in the family. 

Each Session may last between 20min and 2 hours depending on the need of your home

Charging Objects with Reiki  $5-$15

Clearing your objects of bad energy, and charging them with Reiki Energy. It can be done for multiple objects, depending on their size, or on object at a time. 

Each Session Lasts 5-10min

Distance Reiki

Almost all Reiki services can be performed from a distance. Please ask your Reiki Master if interested. 

Reiki for Your Pets  $45-$100

Bring your pet to us, or we can come to your pet however big or small, scaly or furry it is, they all need Reiki from time to time. 

Are your pets farm animals? - No problem, they are living beings and the Reiki Master can work on them.